How To Take Care of Your Sewing Machine

  • Store your sewing machine under a dust cover at room temperature in a dry place.
  • Use only new, high-quality thread to reduce interior lint buildup, and regularly unplug the machine and dust inside the bobbin case with a soft cosmetic brush.
  • Lubricate the bobbin case with drops of sewing-machine oil; check your manual for instructions beforehand, says Becky Hanson of Singer Sewing Company. Then run a piece of fabric scrap through the machine to remove residual oil.
  • If you have a computerized or electronic machine, I strongly recommend using a surge cube or protector. This will help to protect against surges, storm damage & “brown outs” (low voltage troughs). Electronic circuitry can be costly to repair & while this is not a guarantee that your computer won’t fail, it will provide protection against many situations. In fact, any sensitive electronic equipment you have, such a computer, large TV’s should also be protected. (Please note that these do not perform the same role as a safety switch).
  • Regular service is important. Your machine should be serviced yearly to keep lubrication fluid and the various mechanical settings accurate. Regular service will often pick up developing problems and fix them before they become expensive repairs.

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