Every sewing, quilting and crafting enthusiast knows that clean cuts are the key to doing your best work; we provide the professional service to return all of your favorite scissors to their original condition.

We professionally sharpen the following straight edge scissors:
• Pinkers, embroidery
• Cuticle scissors
• Flash trimming shears
• Embroidery shears
• Grooming shears (straight)
• Forged loaded shears
• Fabric scissors
• Industrial Shears, Tailor
• Kitchen
• Knife edge
• Paper scissors
• Plastic handle stamped shears (straight and bent trimmer)
• Safety scissors
• Tread clip
• Applique scissors
• Carpet shears
• Utility shears
• Bandage scissors
• Evisceration shears (poultry)
• High leverage (short cutting blades with large handles)
• Forget heavy duty (bent trimmer)
• Garden shears
• Convex edge beauty shears (coming soon)
• Thinning shears (coming soon)

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