Sewing Machine Repair

Our family owned company has extensive experience and knowledge on repairing all brands of sewing machines and almost every model. We have the professional techniques to repair your sewing machine, so it will keep working perfectly for a long time.We are passionate about our work and we serve each sewing machine with the highest standards of professionalism and great detail.

We offer sewing machine repair on:

  • Industrial
  • Long Arm Quilting
  • Embroidery
  • Serger
  • Electronic
  • Domestic
  • Vintage

Our business is built in trust and we honor our customers businesses. We will not sell you what your sewing machine does not need. If you have further questions about how to take care of your sewing machine, we will be happy to give you recommendations.Please visit our blog for special tips.

Our family owned company believes that each customer requests are unique and for that reason we take the time to explain to each customer what services their sewing machine required. You will be satisfied with each service. We guarantee our work.

We have free estimates! Call now to schedule an appointment!

Industrial Sewing Machines

We repair industrial sewing machine all brands and almost every model: walking foot (triple feet), stretch stitch, zig zag, closer bag, overstitch, double needle, buttonhole, button sewing machine, carpet binder, post bed. Our company specializes in repairing turf field grass sewing machines. Whether you repair shoes, upholstery, canvas, leather work, alterations, tailor ships, and more, we offer services that will keep your industrial sewing machine running for a long time. You may want to consider a routine maintenance of your Industrial Sewing Machines quarterly. We serve: Juki, Consew, Highlead, Typical,Econosew, Generations, Realible, Toyota, Yamato, Union Special, Carpet Binder and many more.

LongArm Quilting

Quilting for fun or for a cause? A long arm quilter is a significant investment, that’s why it is important to do regular tune ups to expand the lifetime of your quilting sewing machine. With your serviced quilting sewing machine, you can finish your project in no time. We service Top Pick 14″, King Quilter, TinLizzie, HandiQuilter, The HQ Fusions, Innova, Baby Lock, JukiTL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso, Millennium, APQS, Grace, Brother, Singer, and many more.


We serve all embroidery sewing machines and almost every model. Thinking about your next project? Maybe it is time for a yearly maintenance (tune-up) on your embroidery machine. We repair Brother, Janome, Singer,Husqvarna Viking Embroidery, White, Ricoma, Melco and many more.


If you’ve got a sewing machine and want to bring your projects up to a pro level, then a serger is a must! Aserger is a great tool to have because it creates overstock stitches using multiple threads. You will be able to prevent clothes edges from fraying and fix many another issues that often lead to ruining your clothes.

We repair industrial and domestic Serger. Such as, Brother, Janome, Singer, White, Bernina, Husqvarna Viking, HobbyLock, Babylock,Bernette, Juki, Siruba HSO-747D, ConsewSerger and Coverstitch Machines, Yamata, Gemsy,Reliable DreamStitcher, Rex Serger, Toyota, Simplicity EZ and many more.


In a modern sewing machine the fabric easily slips in and out of the machine without the inconvenience of needles and thimbles and other such tools used in hand sewing, automating the process of stitching and saving time. We repair Janome, Brother, Singer, Viking, Pfaff, Juki, and many more.


Domestic sewing machines are manufactured for the most part for household use and are perfect for beginners. Most of them can perform every sewing task. These machines can handle a variety of materials but the gears might have made up of plastic or nylon. It is very important to have them served at least once a year and handle it with care. Please visit our blog for tips and recommendations.


Do you own a vintage sewing machine or planning to buy one? Great investment! Vintage sewing machines will last forever. They are made from metal and have metal gears. Although these have lesser features compared to computerized sewing machines, but they are the most used sewing machines because of their toughness. They are heavy duty. We love to serve them because they are a piece of art and history. We recommend a yearly service unless you sew in a daily basis.

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