sewing machine repair

Nancy N.

I thought I would have to throw out my old Pfaff Hobby, but after the professional cleaning, it works like new! Fast turn around time, good price. I am very …

Sewing machine repair testimonial

Monica L.

I took my Bernina artista 180 to Valentín and he not only fixed it, he cleaned it and made it run like new. Excellent customer service. I love the way …

sewing machine repair testimonial

Debbie C.

When I needed my sewing machine fixed, I found this delightful shop right in my hometown!!! The customer service was top notch and my machine was back in running order …


Martin D.

I took my sewing machine for in service, and the service here is great, reasonable prices, very knowledgeable, Highly recommended,

Sharpen Knives

John C.

I recently had a number of knives sharpened, including a meat cleaver, and they have never been this sharp. I cut through rhubarb like it was butter and the edge …

rochells scissors sharpening

Miriam L.

Valentin sharpened scissors for our shop in Towne Square mall and they are better than new. He offers lots of services and has lots of experience in sharpening and sewing …